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Rekindle your love life with some Vaastu tips

Vaastu Shastra as a science has a strong impact on all aspects of human life. Relationship is one such aspect which can be improved by applying the principles of this science.

There is a sea change in stress and other factors causing stress like traffic, pollution etc. These factors time and again affect our relationships. In such a situation it becomes all the more important to work towards relations, rather than allowing all the stress being transferred to these relations. Every interaction on a day to day basis can be termed as a relationship. One of the very special relations in all these is between couples. With time, this relation tends to lose its charisma and gets dull. Following are some factors which help in improving relationship between couples –

Location – The ideal location for a master bedroom is the South West of the property. This zone is ruled by the element Earth, which is considered to be the most stable element. Therefore, a bedroom located here works towards building stability in an individual as well as relation.

Bed – One must try and always sleep with head towards the South. This not only helps in a good quality sleep but complete physical and mental relaxation. South direction also has the ability to heal minor health issues in a short span of time. Couples must avoid box beds or storage beds. This blocks energy and thus leading to disturbed sleep patterns. One must also have a single new mattress. Two single mattress leads to distance between the couple.

Colours – Every colour has a certain significance to it with respect to the emotion. In case of a couple to enhance love and passion, one must use subtle shades of red and pink. This can be done by various means. It is never recommended to overdo these shades as an excess of these shades may lead to aggression and anger.

Electronics – As a rule one must always avoid placing television, computers or any kind of electronic gadget in bedroom. Primarily these emit electromagnetic radiations and it is definitely not recommended to sleep in an EMF zone for obvious reasons. Secondarily, they also create a communication gap between two individuals. This definitely doesn’t help when one is trying to enhance a relation.

Candles – Candles helps in energising the fire zone within a property. Placing and lighting them in a suitable direction helps in adding a spark to the energies of individuals occupying the property. Red or pink aroma candles can be lit in the South of a couple’s bedroom to enhance relationship. These colours signify love and passion.

Fresh flowers – One must avoid place any kind of artificial flowers. It is highly recommended to place fresh flowers once in a while if not regularly. This is better than placing artificial/dried or dead flowers regularly. Fresh flowers add to the freshness of a space thus reducing stagnation.

Pictures – It is suggested to place pictures depicting love, romance and togetherness in a couple’s room. This helps in strengthening relationships and thus providing stability. One may also place pictures of couple together with happy memories. This helps in reliving memories and brings back joy.

Mirror – Mirrors are considered to be a strong aide in Vaastu because of its ability to multiply. It is very important to keep in mind what a mirror reflects. One must avoid having a mirror in the bedroom such that the bed is being reflected in the mirror directly. One must never be reflected directly in a mirror while sleeping as this leads to fatigue and tiredness over a period of time. Mirror should also not be placed opposite the main entrance. This reflects and throws away the energies assuming the door is well located.

Clutter – As per Vaastu, clutter is your biggest enemy. It is very important to de-clutter every room, zone and property regularly. This allows free and smooth flow of energies which otherwise may be challenged due to clutter. Clutter leads to chaos, confusion, procrastination and lethargy.

Plants – Fresh plants within a property help in cleaner air. Plants helps in reducing stress and therefore aid in better creativity and productivity. They help in better sleep quality. One must avoid placing plants within a bedroom. It is suggested to place a plant of Tulsi in the North- East zone of a property. The benefits of this plant are well known and proven.

As contributed by
Dr Padmaja, PhD (Vaastu)
Dubai, UAE