Free Vaastu Seminars at Indian Property Show from 11th -13th June at DWTC

press_8 • Get quick Vaastu tips on buying property and using the right colour scheme for house
• Learn quick fixes to enhance harmony at home.
June 9, 2015, Dubai, UAE……To guide you on simple principles of Vaastu for enhancing happiness and harmony, Dubai based renowned Vaastu consultant, Ms. Padmaja Yadav will be conducting free seminars to be held from 11th-13th June 2015 during Indian Property Show at Dubai World Trade centre. The seminars will address topics concerning Home Interiors and Vaastu such as Role of Vaastu when choosing properties, identifying Vaastu friendly properties, applying Vaastu for success in life along with ideas on decorating the corners at home, tips on space saving in apartments etc.
“According to Vastu, different colors have different properties. It is by the aid of these properties that different colors can be chosen for different rooms. In general, green is considered to heal and drive away anxiety, yellow improves focus and intellect, pink eases tension and enhances love, and orange is good for the appetite, enthusiasm and growth”, said Ms. Padmaja Yadav.
When choosing wall colors for different rooms, do keep the following in mind:
• Living Room: Yellow, blue, green, and beige are suitable colors for the living room as lighter and brighter colors are preferred in spaces where guests are entertained. These colors promote better relationships and an active environment. This is considering the location of the living room towards the West, North or Eastern zone of the property.
• Dining Room: Depending on the location of the dining room, one can use specific colors. Orange and red are colors which are good for building an appetite. Avoid black and all dull colors as it is a place for eating and digesting.
• Kitchen: For the kitchen, white and green is a very good color. Depending on the location certain other colors like red, orange, pink etc. may be introduced. Blue is a color which can be used in kitchen but only under proper guidance.
• Bedroom: Pink, red, peach, earthen and green can be used for a couple’s bedroom as these colors create love, romance, and passion. This also promotes good sleep. Green can be used for the elderly. Suggested to avoid blue and generous amount of red for bedrooms home interiors.
• Children’s Bedroom/Study Room: A child's room should be colored green, blue and yellow as far as possible.
• The colors must be used based on the location of the rooms with respect to the property.
When looking for a house, below are some Absolute must that you should look for to simply enhance the value of your house:
• House entrance: East is considered to be an auspicious direction for the entrance for a home. The reason being it is associated with the sun rise in the east and is said to bring in positive energy and light into the household. There are many other acceptable directions that the house entrance can face.
• Kitchen location: The South-East corner of the property/house is the most ideal one for the kitchen’s location and cooking should be done while facing the East. However, please bear in mind that the kitchen should not be located directly in front of the main door of the house.
• Master Bedroom: The Master Bedroom should be located at the South West corner of a property. Square and rectangular shaped bedrooms are recommended.
• Toilet location: Toilets are to be located in the North-West corner of the building or the North-West corner of the rooms. If this is not possible, South East toilets are also allowed.