Free Vaastu & Home Interior Seminars at Indian Property Show (1st-3rd Dec 2015)

Free-Vaastu-Seminars-at-Indian-Property-Show-from-11th-13th-June-at-DWTC Want your home to be heaven on earth? Learn the tips and tricks the Vaastu way

November 15, 2015; Dubai, UAE: Home is where the heart is, but it is the happy vibes our home exudes that lifts the hearts of both its residents and visitors. Such vibes depend a lot on architecture, floor plan, furniture placement, and the use of space inside and outside the house. To explain the basic principles of Vaastu, the science of architecture, Dubai-based renowned Vaastu consultant, Dr. Padmaja Yadav will be conducting free seminars to be held from 1st to 3rd December 2015 during Indian Property Show at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Visitors can attend the seminars on the following dates and timings:

  • 1st December 2015, Tuesday- 3pm – 4pm
  • 2nd December 2015, Wednesday- 5pm-6pm
  • 3rd December 2015, Thursday – 4pm – 5pm

Dr Padmaja will be discussing several topics on home interior and the role of Vaastu including ways to identify Vaastu-friendly properties, what to keep in mind when purchasing properties, home-decoration ideas and making the best use of space, all focused on creating harmonious surroundings that will have direct or indirect effects on occupants of a home. The seminar will also cover tips on channelizing Vaastu towards leading a successful life.

“The secret of a happy life lies in our surrounding, and by applying Vaastu, we have the power to bring this happiness into our homes,” said Dr Padmaja, “This is far more challenging in apartments, since there are space constraints. Moreover, in most cases, we do not have the control over the architectural design; therefore working around the limitations requires more innovative ideas. The basic rule however is to choose an apartment that is as Vaastu-compliant as possible.”

When looking up apartments, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Choose your surroundings carefully; avoid buildings which have water areas or ponds in the South or West direction.
  • Avoid irregular-shaped apartments; the best shapes are either square or rectangle.
  • The entrance should ideally face North, East, or North East direction. Kitchens should be in the South-East direction, whereas the master bedroom should be in the South-West corner.
  • For a property, it’s recommended that balconies are either North or East facing to bring in the beneficial morning sunlight.

In terms of decorating the apartment a few intelligent decisions go a long way in creating a happy environment.

  • Keep a distance of a minimum of two-three inches between the wall and furniture; use square or rectangular-shaped furniture if possible.
  • Different colours work for different purposes with respect to directions, but at home lighter hues work best on walls and bring about a sense of much-needed serenity.
  • Any water-body at home – an aquarium, for example – should be placed in the North-East direction. The same rule applies to any water tanks.
  • Keep the central space of an apartment as clutter-free as possible for maximum air flow.
  • Place furniture at a suitable distance from each other and in proper alignment to give an organised look. The design should also serve the practical purpose.