Free to attend educative seminars at CREDAI Indian Property Show on 7th, 8th and 9th December

Dubai based expert Padmaja Yadav to also prove quick tips on home interiors and science of architecture

November 20, 2017; Dubai, UAE: Converting a brick-and-mortar house into a welcoming home is everyone’s dream. Yet, all it requires is some warmth, love, and understanding of Vastu. Learn more about this science of architecture and its application in home decor during the free to attend seminars at the upcoming CREDAI Indian Property Show to be held in Halls 7 and 8, Dubai World Trade Centre.

Seminars will be hosted by celebrity Vastu consultant and founder of Ishan Vaastu, Mr Rasesh Shah on Thursday 7th (7 pm – 8 pm) and Saturday 9th December ( 4 pm – 5 pm), while Vastu expert Ms Padmaja Yadav will speak to visitors on Friday 8th December, 2017 (5 pm -6 pm).

The focus will be on a holistic approach from choosing the right kind of home to décor, placements of furniture to electronic equipment to artefacts, to the use of natural light and water, and even garden décor. This will help to retain positive and harmonious surroundings and discourage negative vibes.

“When building a home or an office it is not only the look and the aesthetics that have to be kept in mind but also the energy aspect which is equally important for achieving success, peace & prosperity in life. Our homes & office should have a balance of cosmic energy & earth energy which in turn enhances our luck factor. If you are facing any problem in your work, health or relationship, Vaastushastra can help you resolve all of these”, said Mr. Rasesh Shah (Vaastu consultant).

Dr. Padmaja Yadav added: “Since electronic equipment is an essential need of our house, we should be careful about the energy they bring. If placed inappropriately, they can create a lot of negativity. For example, the direction in which we place kitchen appliances, television, computers and geysers and heaters has a huge impact on the environment. Moreover, decluttering of old gadgets and accessories is extremely important to clear the air of polluted elements”.

Following are a few quick tips to bring positive energy at home:

• Try to keep the entrance in the north or east direction and as clutter-free as possible. Remember that footwear at the entrance can also block positive vibes.

• Be careful when choosing paint; lead-based paints is environmentally hazardous, and can potentially lead to poisoning, if exposed in large amounts.

• Place computers and laptops where there is sufficient light. Avoid placing computers in front of the bed since as they can act as a mirror and release negative rays in the room.

• Keep decluttering at regular intervals, especially old wires, batteries and chargers, since they obstruct positive energy in the house.

• When selecting paintings, opt for visuals that depict natural sceneries, such as landscapes and waterfalls. These are not only soothing to the eyes, but are also known to bring in wealth.