Bring Happiness, Harmony and Prosperity in life through Vaastu

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Interactive Seminars at “Indian Property Show” from 12th -14th June by Vaastu and Feng Shui expert Padmaja Yadav.
Dubai based Vaastu and Feng Shui expert Dr. Padmaja Yadav will be conducting free interactive seminars to be held from 12th -14th June 2014 during the three day property extravaganza of Indian Properties at the Indian Property Show at Dubai World Trade centre. The seminars will address topics concerning Vaastu such as applying Vaastu for success in life, creating harmonious surroundings, bringing in happiness and prosperity in life, choosing Vaastu friendly properties etc.
Vaastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials. It aims to create a subtle conducive atmosphere in a structure in which we can bring the best in ourselves, thereby paving the way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment. Like any other science, Vaastu is universal, rational, practical and utilitarian.
Seminar Details:
• Thursday, 12th June 2014: 3pm – 4pm
• Friday, 13th June 2014: 3pm – 4pm
• Saturday, 14th June 2014: 3pm – 4pm
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‘It could be anything – wealth, health, relationships. We see couples who are fighting a lot, or families with rebellious kids, while in commercial properties we see companies who have been involved in a lot of legal disputes, or fires, anything that affects a person can be taken care of through the acceptance and usage of Vaastu.’ Padmaja Yadav says.
It is always helpful to get advice from a Vaastu expert or a planner while constructing your house. Attending the seminar will enlighten you on how you can choose a Vastu compliant property and how to incorporate the right colors and textures in the right spaces. It could be fresh plants, picture frames, wall clocks, lighting, and upholstery – anything. Depending on the layout of the property, we identify which direction is “strong”, and which is “weak”,’ she says. Even if an area is already ‘strong’, we will try to make it more so. There is always room for improvement and positive flow of energy.
It is important to understand that each property is unique and has its own set of energies, just the same way that no two individuals are the same. ‘Reading a magazine and doing two or three things from Feng shui, then reading an article on Vaastu and doing two or three things from that, might actually end up creating a bigger mess,’ she warns. That said, Padmaja is adamant that both Feng shui and Vastu can offer life-changing improvements to people in many different ways – and no person is exempt. ‘It has nothing to do with religion – I think that’s very important to point out. It’s a science that can be practiced by everyone, and it is equally effective for all,’ she adds. ‘Whether or not you practice it, it is still a part of our lives.’
Some simple “Vaastu for home tips” for increased success, harmony and happiness are:
• Avoid irregular furniture shapes such as circle, triangular or oval. The best shape is rectangular or square. Ideally, furniture should be placed in a south or west direction.
• Make sure that you keep 3 inches distance between your furniture and walls to allow positive energy to flow.
• The entrance of the apartment should be facing towards North, East or North West. Avoid main door in south west direction.
• The North is the center of wealth and prosperity. So keep this vibrant, energetic and well-lighted to allow positive energies raise finances.
• To trigger up finances, keep your home clutter free and clean.
• The entrance or front door should not be obstructed by anything such as pole, wire, ditch.
• Don’t have pictures of evil, something aggressive, or shipwreck at home or office. It is considered inauspicious.
• Growing of pricking plants like cactus in your house is not advisable and recommended.
• It is good to place the fish aquarium in the southeast corner in your living area.
• It is good to stick a happy family photograph or picture inside your living room.
• The study desk should be placed in such a manner that the child faces east, north or northeast corner while studying. East is the most appropriate direction, as it paves way for enhanced concentration.
While choosing a property one needs to consider many things. Following are some of the guidelines one can follow:
• Uniform shaped properties are recommended.
• A North or East entrance is very auspicious.
• North-east should have open vacant space. Slope should be towards North-east.
• Avoid toilets, walls or columns in the center of the house.
• Always go for subtle and pleasing colors.
• South-west zone to be the tallest and heaviest.
• Kitchen is best placed in South-east.
• Avoid toilets and master bedroom in North east.
• Avoid swimming pools or any water body in south west.
• In a high rise, the higher one goes the lesser are the effects of surrounding Vaastu flaws.
• Staircases are best placed in South and west. Avoid spiral and circular staircases.
• Overhead water tanks are preferred in South or West.
Vastu Tips to Consider Before Buying a Plot
• Before you buy a plot, make sure it is a fertile land with ample greenery.
• A river or water canal located on the North with water flowing from West to East is a good sign.
• If there is good amount of earth, hills, big boulders, towards the SouthWest, West, or South, it is good to buy the plot. Make sure that there is no tomb, cemetery or graveyard close to the plot.
• Make sure that the plot is rectangular or square in shape and aligned to cardinal directions.
About PadmajaYadav: A PhD in Vaastu Shastra, Dr. PadmajaYadav has always believed in Vaastu and the belief only gained strength when radical changes were experienced in her own life because of this mystic science. Her inquisitiveness towards this subject lead her to do a lot of research and analysis under expert guidance. She has successfully completed projects for residential and commercial spaces to the complete satisfaction of clients living in different parts of the world. Every project she undertakes is with a complete faith in Vaastu by personal experiences. Her strengths include positive temperament and exuberant personality and an innate ability to connect with people quickly, works with them at a relaxed pace and offers very simple solutions to their issues. She has conducted workshops and seminars in India, Singapore, Doha and Dubai. She has also presented talk shows on radio in Dubai. Apart from that Padmaja has written articles for some reputed newspapers and magazines in India and Dubai.